Obtain resources from the waste of others

At Green Loop we are committed to the environment. We are a team of experts who innovate through the waste of the Tequila Industry to create a sustainable and high impact change.

How do we help manufacturing industries?


We use agave fiber as raw material for the production of bioplastics, pellets and other material products.


We transform agave bagasse into a biofuel in the form of a briquette for biomass boilers.


Collaborate with us to transform your waste into renewable products and energy for the industry.

We are the only industrial plant in the world specialized in recycling bagasse from the tequila industry.

Transforming waste into a value-added product

Nowadays, there is a growing concern to switch to green alternatives in order to protect the environment and preserve natural resources.
At Green Loop we saw this as an opportunity that benefits not only the environment but also industries, as we transform an industrial waste into a renewable energy source to produce consumer goods that come from a sustainable, ecological and accessible place.

Be a pioneer in your industry

Reduce your ecological impact

Reduce your ecological impact

Reduce the carbon footprint in the atmosphere by using our products.

Circular Economy

Circular Economy

Take advantage of someone else`s waste and transform your company into a circular economy business.

Sustainable Company

Sustainable Company

At Green Loop we care about your business and the planet. Become a company committed to the environment and generate savings.

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