Sustainable alternatives in raw materials and renewable energy

Green alternatives for the manufacturing industry

In recent years, industries have shown a strong commitment to reducing the environmental impact of the processes and finished products they carry out.

We find in the agave residue the ideal alternative to support the manufacturing industry. This industrial waste is transformed in order to be a source of energy and raw material for ecological and environmentally sustainable products.


What can you make with Green Loop matter?


At Green Loop we process the agave fiber to obtain a biocomposite that serves as a raw material to manufacture bio-plastics.


What can you get directly with Green Loop?


With the agave fiber we make briquettes that serve as biofuel for biomass boilers and more.

How do we do it?



The first step is to collect the bagasse before it is exposed to the environment to avoid contamination.



We process it in different stages until it is transformed into agave fiber that can be used in different industries or as biofuel for boilers.



At the end of the process, industries obtain a wide variety of efficient and sustainable products for different markets, both consumer and industrial.


The demand for tequila increases considerably year after year, which proportionally generates a boom in the generation of waste.


With the aim of giving the environment a break and also taking advantage of this residue, we designed an innovative process of transformation of waste into biofuel and bio raw material.


One of the main residues is what is known as bagasse, which if not treated properly can contaminate water, soil and air.

In 2021, it is estimated that the generation of bagasse was 3.5 million tons, enough to fill the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacán 5 times.

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